ODD TV | Never Sleep Again | All Lyrics

(Full Album & Lyrics)

ODD TV | Never Sleep Again | Full Album with Lyrics

Above is the link to my latest album. The following post will seperate the songs and give ODD TV lyrics to each one as well as a link to where you can download the individual song for free.

matthew procella

Did you know that this country is just a corporation?
A police state that won’t tolerate insubordination
Did you know your birth certificate is just a receipt?
You were born on a tax farm, isn’t it sweet?
They brainwash you with the TV, then enslave you with debt
I see people oblivious and it makes me upset
So listen all, this is my call for an uprising
It’s time to brawl because we all had enough lying
Not done trying, but fuck crying, it’s time to act
I see everyone waking up, but no one fighting back
We’re in a state of emergency, how we live is absurd to me
currently, they’re about to crash US currency
Problem, reaction, solution, the oldest trick in the book
Been tryin’ to tell you about it, no one would give it a look
Now the new world order’s right around the corner
We’re livin’ in the last days, time is getting shorter

This is the land of the greedy and the home of the slaves
It’s on the back of dollar bills gettin’ thrown in your face
But most people are too stupid to even understand
I welcome you to the divided states of zombieland

matt procella


This is the resistance and I’m not givin’ in
Breakin’ the paradigm everybodies livin’ in
No more spinnin’ on a ball, that shit was just pretend
and I’m not gonna say it is just for the sake of fittin’ in
The truth seems different to people because illusions vary
the truth is hidden, the truth is missin’, the truth is buried
the truth is beautiful, truth is ugly, the truth is scary
that’s why tellin’ the truth is revolutionary
The truth is something that these people just will not provide
that’s why they gotta keep sheeple completely occupied
Now our food and our fruits and veggies are modified
this is what happens when our common sense is not applied
They govern your mind, that’s why it’s called govern-MENTAL
Everything that comes out of their mouth is utter dribble
and we just sit here everyday, it’s always uneventful
that’s why I’m out here causin’ ruckus, that’s just what I’m into

You have to be asleep to have the American dream
There’s bloodlines and they seem to think theirs is supreme
Democrats and Republicans are sharing the scene
It’s no different than the WWE
Everybody’s an actor and the world is a stage
We’re just some slaves never knowin’ the world is the cage
They got us worrying about chasin’ fortune and fame
They train us to ignore these thangs and it’s more than just strange
but I won’t do this anymore, man I’m takin’ control
If you don’t do it for yourself, no one’s savin’ your soul
It’s better that you make it whole, than them makin’ a hole
Rippin’ it, tearin’ it, twistin’ and takin’ it slow
I’ve never been the type of guy that would tolerate ghouls
They try to take us and brainwash us in all of they schools
They’re lying to us everyday while we’re watching the news
but I refuse to lose and no, I won’t follow the rules

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law
breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law
Forever I’m defiant, remainin’ non-compliant
No, I’m not stayin’ quiet, never remaining silent
Doin’ everything that I can just to create a riot
I want the truth and I’ll do whatever it takes to find it

matthew procella

Take a look around you what you see is just illusions
Everything goes in circles but there’s no revolutions
They create the problems then they offer the solutions
we’re nothing but goyim to ‘em, they treat us like subhumans

Repeat after me, I am not free – They’re lyin’ to you, they’re lyin’ to me
what are they hiding, I’m dying to see – why is it God that they’re trying to be?
The acquisition of wealth and power is what they know
they’ve always been among us, they own us, they run the show
when it comes to makin’ a difference, we ain’t movin’
freedom is a fallacy, you’re just a free range human
from the crib to the grave, you live as a slave and that’s just a matter of fact
if you wanna see change, forget all the games, we’re gonna just have to attack
this is our world and we’re snatchin’ it back, if you don’t want it move off to the side
not for the cowardly, not for the weak, only the strong come along for the ride
it won’t be easy, I’m not gonna lie, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna try
with everything that they’re doin’ to all of us, maybe tomorrow we’re all gonna die
either way they kill us slowly, dumb us down and make us dopey
everything you see is fake and all the news you get is phoney
it’s time we show the people, how the elite are so deceitful
it’s time we rise up high up enough to expose this evil

odd tv truth a vision, it’s the one and only
they hate the fact that I’m nosy, but I say fuck it, blow me
I’m a researcher, a real truth seeker
This is my class room fool, I’m a school teacher
prepared to be blown away, everything you know gets thrown away
take your mind to a whole nother level, put the peddle to the metal with no delay
how much worse must it get… before we do something about it?
For We are many, they are few, man we got ‘em surrounded
it’s time we think outside the cage, where our brains have been placed
the true history of the world has been changed and erased
it’s 1984, these things are so orwellian
big brother motherfucker, super totalitarian
your thoughts being suggested, your speech being suppressed
always being corrected, freedom being oppressed
always under surveillance, in a state of unrest
and if you protest it, they put your ass under arrest


Horizon means horizontal, indoctrination is awful
because your taught the globe model ever since y’all could crawl
We follow rapists and murderers, liars, thieves and sun worshippers
sayin’ we can’t see curvature ‘cause we’re all too small
and though it’s never been proven, They say we’re rippin’ and shootin’,
the earth is spinnin’ and movin’, oh no no Not at all
It’s a criminal enterprise where deception intensifies
Nasholes got us all livin’ life on a cartoon ball.

A lie is a lie and it doesn’t matter how many dumb sheeple believe it
and the truth is the truth hiding right out in plain sight and still people don’t see it
Man, this shit got me heated, and I won’t stop ‘til the elite are being defeated
they keep us deceived about everything that we think and they keep it a secret
what we’re taught is not conducive with reality, Big bang, evolution, then there’s gravity
I tell the truth and then these mf’s laugh at me – tellin’ me the earth is ps’ed because it has to be
Most people accept the deception, happily – but what they’re doin’ to us all is a tragedy
God, created the heavens and the earth, in a verse, but we’re livin’ in a freemasonic galaxy
they say we’re monkeys on a ball flying through outer space
but there’s no proof, it seems to have vanished without a trace
NASA & other agencies fallin’ down from grace
You can take that bullshit pseudoscience and get out my face
I’m the anti social type – you’re a government prototype
That’s why you make it a point to tell me that I’m crazy every time your angry ‘cause you know I’m right
I’m standin’ outside the house of cards, ‘bout to watch it fall
No more livin’ on a cartoon ball

They say that we went to the moon six times, but pure BS is the way that smelt
Now their tellin’ us that we can’t leave the planet because of the van allen radiation belt
yeah, uh huh, okay, sure – NASA what you lyin’ for
lyin’ now, you lied before - I can’t take this anymore
the only thing they took to space was your imagination, fake aliens are comin’ now they have you waitin’
we need to do somethin’ about it, no procrastination, tryin’ to cause the masses to awaken, thats the path Ive taken
but you can see if you check all the percentages – so many people havin’ cognitive dissonance
that’s what happens at the loss of your innocence – then you get involved with all of the wickedness
they try to do all of the humans this way – so are they just idiots, who is to say
conditioned by the television, it makes your decisions, opinions and you just obey
stuck in the material domain of satan – where everything and each and every day is pagan
Mandela effect, ‘cause the game is changin’, people wakin’ up and now the cage is shakin’
the earth is flat and that is a universal fact
If it isn’t that, then tell me where the fuck the curve is at
they tell us that we can’t see it because we’re all too small
and now we’re spinnin’ on a cartoon ball

matt procella

Take Me To the Stars

Bill Nye the science guy once said, that I am one giant fuck head
Me and Neil deGrasse straight shill for cash and we are the evil that people want dead
You’re just a product of – the environment, but everything is fake, this entire shit
I don’t know what to say, but I’m not buyin’ it – I’ve been here everyday, I’ve been tryin’ it
Everything that we’re taught is a scam and all along it was part of the plan
Tellin’ us they’re gonna go to mars with a man, That’s why I call ‘em out as hard as I can
cause we ain’t been to the moon & we ain’t goin’ soon - & everybody at NASA is a soulless goon
Man, this is fact, this is so damn true – Everybody watch out, Orion’s floatin’ through
Ha ha ha ha, man space is fake – but you gotta admit this lie takes the cake
These motherfuckers need to chill out & take a break – & I’ll never sleep again, I gotta stay awake
They lie all the time and we don’t need that – it’s one big hoax and I’m starting to see that
Space was a place that wanted to be at – and I use to believe that

Growin’ up I didn’t have a clue – I use to think the earth was a ball just like you
Who knew everything that we learn in school – is nothin’ but bullshit none of it’s true
& these people call it education – Just a clever way to say indoctrination
You don’t seem to understand the plot we’re facin’ – It’s all about common sense & observation
But not for the mainstream it isn’t the case – They say you’re spinnin’ on a rock in the middle of space
But now’s not the time nor is it the place – I’m really sick of getting lied to so get out my face
If you feel the way I feel then come with me get up, flat earthers all across the plane rippin’ it up
Truth seekers all up in this bitch getting’ it crunk - & if you think we plan on stoppin’ then you’re shit out of luck
That’s why ODD is always on the grind, and I’m never ever scared to speak what’s on my mind
Cause this day and age everybody is afraid, it’s an illness, realness is hard to find
They lie all the time and we don’t need that – it’s one big hoax and I’m starting to see that
Space was a place that wanted to be at – and I use to believe that

matthew procella


Everything is a lie / slave ‘til the day you die
world full of boogeymen / I’ll never sleep again
rules that you must obey / can’t seem to get away
it’s makin’ my head spin / I’ll never sleep again

They put the truth in the movies and lies throughout the news
They manufacture opinions and form all of your views
everything we think we know, is actually opposite
of the truth, but what do you do when reality’s fraudulent?
The whole system is rigged, it’s an illusion of choice
you can keep screaming and yelling, just end up losing your voice
what’s the point? what’s the point? That’s what I ask sometimes
Roll a joint, smoke that joint and then I smash some rhymes
I’m still a slave, but that boy overdose is hard to control
how far will he go? Much further than you possibly know
ODD TV, I been doin’ this, I have to get deep
because half of you are asleep, the other half are just sheep
wakey, wakey, wake the fuck up, man, I’m really sick of this
They rub the truth all up in our faces and it’s ridiculous
They always keep the odds stacked against us and we can’t seem to win
After seeing all the things I’ve seen, I’ll never sleep again

We’re livin’ in a prison cube, ruled over by the hexagon
Nothing but witchcraft and black magic spells in your lexicon
search ‘til the day your dead & gone, there’s gotta be some way out of here
lookin’ up at the sky and just watching chemical clouds appear
They got these toxic heavy metals fillin’ up your body
you’re a zombie, unaware you’re serving the Illuminati
man, how’s your head feel? After taken that red pill
when you learn the truth, it’s scary, you can barely stand still
the matrix is a computer generated dream land
most certainly you’re a worker bee for the queen, man
they lie to us about outer space and the earth is flat
they’re killin’ us with the food they sell us, what’s worse than that?
you may wake up, but that doesn’t mean the worlds gonna change
it can stress you out, make you depressed or fill you up with rage
we’re in a cage, the whole world is nothin’ but a stage
and we’re almost there, so just be prepared for the coming age

Time to wake up X3 Never Sleep Again X1

Everything is a lie (everything man) / slave ‘til the day you die (there’s no escaping it)
world full of boogeymen (they live) / I’ll never sleep again (I’m an insomniac)
rules that you must obey (obey obey obey) / can’t seem to get away (away away away)
it’s makin’ my head spin (it’s not the world spinnin’) / I’ll never sleep again (never ever ever)
Chemicals in the sky (what the hell are they spraying, man?) / nobody wonders why (those are clouds, bro)
morgellons in my skin (this can’t be happening) / I’ll never sleep again (I can’t do it)
things are not what they seem (everything’s the opposite) / wish it was all a dream (I’m wide awake though)
when will this madness end? (it’s not lookin’ good) / I’ll never sleep again (it’s just not possible)

matt procella

 The Matrix Has You

There is a hidden agenda at play, same old bullshit but a different day
They’re tellin’ us lies and they’re getting’ away, deceiving the world and it isn’t okay
Get out my way ‘cause I’m shinin’ the light on these bastards with every chance that I get
Attempting to wake people up to this nonsense until the elite just can’t handle this shit
Sick of livin’ life in utter madness, so sick of them treating us like maggots
Look at text books taught in classes, Do some research, nothing matches
Then they start wavin’ their Hollywood wand, no sign of a brain because all of it’s gone
That’s where they wanted you at all along, stuff that you think you know, all of it’s wrong
These people stay lyin’, eventhough most ain’t buyin’
The mainstream manipulation but still they stay tryin’
Look what happened on 911, look what happened at sandy hook
These fancy crooks write lies as history in their fancy books

Welcome to your trauma based mind control, when will this shit end man, I don’t know
Until then there’s no place I won’t go – I’m tryin’ to wise up, rise up and fight the foe
& I don’t give a fuck if you call the cops, This is over to the dose and I’m not gon’ stop
Nobody in my life is gonna call the shots, unless it’s just me so it’s all or not
The way that they have us all livin’ is sad, humans are stupid, conditions are bad
I promise that you won’t be diggin’ the future, you’re gonna be missin’ the shit that you had
I don’t even know if we could ever even win, the only thing I’m sure of is I’ll never sleep again
If you think you know anything, then you better think again, you’re taking part in a story that might ever even end
Oh no! How can it be - This world is testin’ me
Won’t give up readily - This is my destiny
I won’t quit ‘til my heart stops tickin’, always searchin’ for the part that’s missin’
Seekin’ truth, I’m on a mission, I can see, I got that vision

In debt, your payments past due, your life just races past you
Wake up! The matrix has you – Wake up! The matrix has you
We are enslaved like cattle – Held back with chains and shackles
Wake up! The matrix has you – Wake up! The matrix has you

There is a hidden agenda and it’s hidden right out in plain sight
You can try your best to not let ‘em get ya, but the new world order’s ‘bout to take flight

matthew procella

Prison for Your Mind
I can feel eyes on me everywhere I go
Not paranoid or conceited, but they watching me though
hell they’re watching you too, right through your youtube
and through your iphone what the fuck do you do?
Can’t get away from it, not anymore
waitin’ for the beast and babylonian whore
it’s the woman in the red dress, tryin’ to make you transgress
You should stay away from that crazy bitch, if you can’t guess
Yes! I can’t stress it enough
If you wanna seek the truth then you better be tough
Gotta be prepared and you can’t be scared
‘Cause there’s some really motherfuckin’ ugly truth out there
at first you might reject it, it’s hard to accept it
but that’s okay as long you’re really a true skeptic
people can’t even see, tv is blinding their vision
but it’s easy controlling bodies when their minds are in prison

The system that we live in was specifically designed
to keep all the human beings relentlessly confined
Kill us and dumb us down, make us ignorant and blind
everything you see before you is a prison for your mind

No such thing as freedom, but the people can’t see
What it means is your dumb if you think that we’re free
Because we couldn’t be more far from it
If you wanna catch up to all the stuff that they’re doin’ to us then start runnin’
Your hearts pumpin’ and you’re wonderin’ why
You’re seeing all these chemicals get dumped in the sky
You’re watchin’ all this news and it appears to be fake
Crisis actors runnin’ drills, takin’ bills to the bank
All these secret societies suggesting your thoughts
When are sheeple gonna look and start connecting the dots?
Illuminati has your body, they desire your soul
Because the more people they sacrifice, the higher they go
It’s a sick sick world and it’s hard to learn
But once you have it figured out, it’s even harder to turn
people can’t even see, tv is blinding their vision
but it’s easy controlling bodies when their minds are in prison

matt procella

 Burnin’ in My Soul

Reality is insane, they wanna keep us in chains
plus they have a web of deception they weave in our brains
but now I see through the games, they’re tryin’ to lead us astray
Gatekeeping information and they wanna keep it that way
But I’m researching all the time, everyday of the week
so people claim that I’m crazy and I’m labeled a freak
but that’s happens when you’re awake in a nation of sheep
where they try their best to keep the population asleep
They poison our food and water and they offer us war
But we’re not fallin’ for their parlor tricks, not anymore
We walked though the door and let our chains drop to the floor
There’s many areas in this life that we gotta explore
and the earth too because they might be hiding more land
more seas, more trees, more snow, more sand
In school, everything that we’re taught is a lie
& lately it’s making me hot and I gotta know why

It’s time to break free from this twisted mental conditioning
I offer my message to anyone out there who’s listening
I hear just beyond the limits and it’s calling me, whispering
Sometimes I feel like I’m trippin’, it’s gotta be just a dream
But nope I’m wide awake my friend and this is reality
Why do we let ‘em enslave us? It beats the heck out of me
people barely scrapin’ by and work for minimum wages
There’s no new world order, this is how it’s been through the ages
Flip through the pages of history and see on your own
too many things are a mystery, other things are unknown
It makes me question who we are, where we live and what we’re told
but walkin’ a path of truth can be a really bumpy road
ridiculed, mocked, ostracized and laughed away
but that’s okay, some folks are sheep until they pass away

There’s a fire burnin’ in my soul – where do we go from here, I don’t know
Gotta break free from this mind control – before I go crazy gotta let you know

matthew procella

Rise Like Lions

There are some families that been rulin’ through the centuries
Scripting the future and rearranging histories
divide & conquer, they make us each others enemies
Archons, tappin’ into all our energies
I try to conjure up the strength and the ambition
To spread the truth, I just hope you’re gettin’ the transmission
I’m not nervous or even scared but I am trippin’
this damn prison got people fearin’ a transition
growin’ up, I never thought it would be this way
sometimes I just fall down onto my knees and pray
dear God, will everything really be okay?
Why does everything in the world have to be so gray?
I even have my days where I don’t wanna try no more
I have to stop and ask myself what I’m fightin’ for
Tryin’ to unlock the answers, but I can’t find the door
I wanna rise up like a lion with a mighty roar

rise like lions after slumber
in unvanquishable number
shake your chains to earth like dew
which in sleep had fell on you

Free your mind, but being awake is bittersweet
sometimes you feel the emptiness, sometimes you feel complete
your birth certificate is nothing more than a receipt
to let you know that you’re completely owned by the elite
michael jackson tried to tell us, they don’t care about us
big brother always got the cameras starin’ at us
we live in a system that’s way too far from fair and balanced
Everything that I have ever learned, I’m now prepared to challenge
all these lies are not easy to come to terms with
the truth is something that most people aren’t concerned with
I like to research all day, while I burn spliff
trying to figure out a way to overturn this
speakin’ and thinkin’ will soon be under prohibition
so right now’s not the time to be going fishing.
It’s gonna be kinda hard to get out this hole we’re digging
If we don’t stand up right now and form a fucking coalition


Full Album Clean Version Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifOYZ...

This project began in October 2016 and concluded in May 2017. ODD TV is proud to present 'Never Sleep Again', which includes 10 full fledged songs for truth seekers by a truth seeker. All in 432 hz. The idea of this album was to encapsulate what most of us go through, how we feel and the things we think about after we wake up to the world of lies and deception. Whether it's genetically modified food, chemtrails, media mind control, secret societies or even the flat earth truth, O.D.D paints a vivid picture of this ODD reality via hardcore lyrical content. Thank you so much for your support. Let's get this album out there for everyone to hear. Music is a very powerful medium for inspiration and stimulation of thought, which is why it has been a main tool for the elite to brainwash the masses. Let's turn this tool around on them and take our minds back. Thank you for supporting my truth music. 

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matthew procella
ODD TV | Promo image for Never Sleep Again ( Matt Procella)

matthew procella

matthew procella
ODD Reality | ODD TV | Matt Procella


  1. Excuse me for putting this here..not sure how else to contact you..

    Have you looked into the genesis 6 conspiracy? Aka the nephilim, book of Enoch Noah etc? Are you aware of the thought that aliens are messengers of deception (there is a book by that title) and are nothing more than extra deminsional beings aka fallen angels? The genesis 6 conspiracy does a good job of tying bloodline history, biblical history, mythology, Altantas, luciferian occults, aliens, angles and demons, and ghost all together. Whether youre a believer or not the Bible has yet to fail to back any of this up when if speaks to it. Still think you’d find it interesting.

    Have you looked at the links between CERN, the Higgs boson, the Higgs field (a veil separating the material from the immaterial aka other dimensions)? Possibly a veil between the material and spiritual? A “weapon formed against God”? The key to the pit? Why so much money by so many nations being spent on this endeavor?

    I believe you did a video on NASA and the delta/vector imagary? https://youtu.be/LOJ50EUbWzg
    Notice anything familiar in this video? Vector? Saturn seal?

    Anyway ffigured if you haven’t gotten into some of that yet you might enjoy it. I’m not good at making YouTube videos but I’ve been on the same path as your for about 20 years now. I like how you see and question.

    Your friend

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    1. I just want to say great job ,this is the best truth music I have ever heard ,I feel this music expresses everything I have been feeling since discovering many truths I never knew and it’s very frustrating trying to point them out to people ,most people don’t understand and can’t conceive these realities or they just don’t care ! Dan H

  4. You are great at rapping
    Youz a dope rapper
    Mad skills

    Can't believe i used to watch Neil Degraes and believe all that cartoon ball shit

    #FlatEarth is truth
    God Made The earth
    Duck new world order


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