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Best Flat Earth Videos on Youtube

If you did a search for flat earth videos on youtube between 2014 and 2017, you'd get the top ranking flat earth videos by actual truth seekers. Since at least 2018, real flat earth videos have been censored stifled. Currently, when you perform a search, you get pages and pages of anti flat earth videos coming from the mainstream media. This is an orchestrated attack on this highly important information. What they have done is hinder newcomers who decide to look into this conspiracy on their own from finding the accurate info. I started making flat earth videos in 2015 and my videos were always on the first page and often number one of the search results. No, I'm not conceited, it's just the truth. I worked hard on the videos and tried my best to make them in the best format and quality that I could so they would stand out and be shared. Below, I will add all my best flat earth videos. Although this is also a google platform, I hope to reach some of the people that  youtu…